Searchlight's Points of Difference

Quality Outcomes

We understand that the results of our research guide important decisions for our clients. Through our quality procedures and processes, we ensure that our fieldwork provides our clients with great confidence in a timely manner.

Stability and Commitment

Expertise is one thing, stability is another. We are proud of the calibre of our staff and their enduring loyalty. This stability is clearly reflected in the experience and tenures of our executive team.

Solution Centric

No two research projects are the same and so our people work in the best interests of our clients to solve any issues that arise by drawing on our wealth of market research experience.


Our dedicated development team enables us to offer a fast, stable platform for our data collection and online reporting tools. We are committed to keeping up to date with the latest technology - always investigating new and inventive ways to reach and interact with respondents, and original ways of presenting their feedback to clients.

Systematic Control

We have a purpose-built project management system that enables the progress of every project to be managed in real time, to ensure streamlined project delivery.

Passion and Engagement

As a staff owned business, we care about what we do – for each client, on every project. Our staff are loyal and engaged.

Expertise, Loyalty and Trust

We have a team of more than a dozen highly experienced,
full-time market research executive staff.

  • <strong>Jason Whatley</strong><br/>Managing Director Searchlight
  • <strong>Lewis Jones</strong> <br/> Director
  • <strong>Lawrence Robinson</strong> <br/> Associate Director
  • <strong>Michael Stephens</strong> <br/> Field Manager
  • <strong>Ben Page</strong> <br/> Head of Digital
  • <strong>Paula Sweeney</strong> <br/> Recruitment Manager
  • <strong>Oliver Harrison</strong> <br/> Online Programmer/Analyst
  • <strong>Daphne Lim</strong> <br/> Data Analyst
  • <strong>Jacelyn Chan</strong> <br/> Online Programmer/Analyst
  • <strong>Francis Curry</strong> <br/> Analyst