Latest Developments

CAPI Methodology

CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing) surveys conducted via tablets provides an interactive and engaging platform that streamlines the fieldwork process. The main advantages include…

Data Accuracy

• Data is validated at the point of collection, adding a layer of accuracy to the survey that is not possible with PAPI (e.g., CAPI automates any filtering/skips)

No Missing Data

• Interviewers cannot miss questions or ask the wrong questions

Programmed Checks

• Eliminates inadmissible or inconsistent responses

No Data Entry

• Removes the need for data entry (and the inherent risk of errors that come with it)

Lost Surveys

• Minimises the chances of lost surveys as data is stored immediately in the system

Improved Timelines

• In terms of access, analysis, and delivery of results due to the automated process

Smart Solutions for Smartphones

Quantitative surveys conducted via smartphones enables organisations to capture their markets in real time, understand their thoughts, attitudes and experiences right now.


• Capture the thoughts, attitudes and reactions of your target market ‘in the moment’
• More accurate, more dynamic


• Smartphone ownership is increasing sharply
• In July 2012, 60% of all Australians are expected to own a smartphone, up from 46% in 2011 and 36% in 2010
• Sweeney has access to a panel of 50,000+ consumers (and growing)


• Exciting, intuitive and more convenient for respondents
• More connection to the research

Cost Effectiveness

• Comparatively low project costs


• Ability to turnaround large scale studies in a few days


• High level design through to meaningful analysis
• Access to dynamic web-based reporting platforms